Joburg Arts Suffers T(w)o Blows

Joburg should be reeling after the loss of two massive arts and culture initiatives in one week, but instead, life goes on as usual. In just five short days, both Gauteng Opera and the prolific festival called Dance Umbrella announced that they would be closing their doors for good – both due to lack, or removal, of funding. The arts and culture world has been grappling for ways to secure funding since the Department of Arts and Culture’s White Paper was passed in 1996 limiting funding approval to very specific and socially based arts programmes for both public and private funders. After 21 years, we were finally offered a revision of the original document, but is this too little and too late? Gauteng Opera has been home to a primarily black staff and offers investment in opera education, but opera seems to have been painted with the “Colonialist” brush. It appears we wish to remove South Africa from global arts and culture in an attempt to detach from a horrible history associated with anything that is not uniquely South African. The opera company was black run and aimed to transform opera and allow it to become more openly accessible to …

Musings Open Mic 26 March

#MusingsOpenMic is an opportunity for like-minded musos, poets and singers to test out new material, showcase their original music or rekindle fond memories with cover renditions. It’s also a chance to hang out outside of the audition/rehearsal room, loudly support fellow performers and have a great time while entertaining all and sundry. Frequented by musical theatre professionals, its a kind of “singer’s karaoke,” as it were. This month we re-introduce Musings – fully repurposed and rebranded – to the performance community. We take on a new mandate in support of the arts this year and we are excited to share our ideas with you. Come and have some fun, sing your song and be creative. To book email Caitlin here.